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I'm in the process of sending out holiday cards, so if you would like me to send one your way just click here and follow the directions, plz thx.

Time seems to be simultaneously flying by and painfully dragging. It's hard to believe that Christmas is a little more than a week away. And in two weeks we'll be welcoming in the new year. There's been so much change in my life this last year, the bulk of it good (or not aggressively negative, in any case) that it's hard to think about where to go from here. But here I go being overly pensive on an overcast, quiet Sunday morning. I'll save it for another day.

One of my friend's fiance unexpectedly died two weeks ago. She returned to work this past Thursday, but is working in my office until she finds it in herself to return to her office in the Bronx. People have stopped me to ask "oh, how is she doing?" Which I think ranks up there with one of the stupidest questions ever. I ended up responding to someone "well, how do you think she's doing?" Again, why ask a question if you're not going to be able to do anything with the response? Most times I bite my tongue, because I understand that it's tough to think of the appropriate thing to say. But it's eye opening. I answered in the affirmative when my friend asked if everyone knew about her fiance's death, and then added "they all care for you, you know." And she said "that's both great and awful at the same time." It takes tragedy to find out how many people's lives you've touched, and ain't that some shit?

K, but I said I'd stop being pensive and now I'm being maudlin. Joy.

I'm studying for the GREs. In that, most days I carry the review book in my messenger bag and at least glance at the cover. My hope is to apply for graduate school for Fall admission, and to study public health. I'm thinking the type of job I'd want might require my PhD in the subject, but I just need to get out of what I'm doing at the moment. That's not to say that I dislike my job at the moment (I say, as it seems like I'm going to pass probation and hopefully will not get laid off due to budget cuts next year...??), but I'd like to work on public health policy and initiatives and that takes the extra clout of paper.

Promises to update these journals more often. It's funny how quiet my FL has become lately, and that's because most of the folks I originally friended were my age way back when, and now they've either moved on to other media outlets (Twitter is great for bon mots, isn't it?) or are too busy raising their families. Which, ha, neither of those will be issues for me for various reasons.

Happy almost Christmas, and happy end of Hanukkah. I do love this time of year, moroseness be damned. :)
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