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I was very lethargic and out of it this morning. I'm guessing it was weather related, because it was quite foggy and overcast last night up through my walk to the train station. Didn't get out of the apartment until almost 7:30, and strolled into the office right on time (yay!, no punch clocks).

There have been massive shake ups at my job. The biggest changes: SVP of my old department resigned, and the COO is retiring, both effective the end of this month. The SVP is not being replaced, and the new CEO is hunting nationwide for a new COO. Except there's a title change (*sigh*), and with it most likely responsibility changes as well. One of the project managers in my department is also leaving at the end of the month, and somehow my department managed to escape forced layoffs (we were apparently slated for three, as per our SVP). All of which to say - UGH. WTF. BBQ. The one good thing is that my direct boss has proven to be quite incapable of firing people, so I'm most likely in the clear until the next fiscal year, when the Board puts the fear of God into people re: departmental budgets. So my plan for this year is to try to get all the certifications I can (case management, quality improvement), and make myself more marketable just in case the axe comes down next December. Not sure if the grad school thing will work out (GREs = suck), but I do hope to complete the application in time for Fall admission.

Even though I was very much tempted to run back to the apartment and curl up in my bed, I did attempt to complete some errands and spent some time wrangling the papers in my room into submission. Now I'm on the couch watching The Bourne Identity (he WILL kill you with a Bic pen, yo). Fun times.
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