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[personal profile] fredericks apparently if you buy Adele's Skyfall on iTunes they then recommend for your listening pleasure John Mayer's live cover of Free Fallin'. Can someone explain that to me?

Right. Today I was off from work, but I scheduled time to talk in front of a class of high schoolers. My friend from high school was their teacher, and a while back she'd asked me to speak to the kids about nursing and my background ("it will be inspirational!"), but I only now got around to heading over there. The entire day was 40 shades of awesome. I got to hang out with my friend for the first time in almost four years (!), and fielded nursing and college questions from a bunch of overall well-behaved seniors. My friend did this whole cute write-up about me and then had me pop out to surprise the students. I really had a blast, and I think I was able to connect with one or two kids, particularly one boy who came up to me after class and seemed quite passionate about entering nursing (score!). Afterward she took me around the school and played catch-up, griping together about the horribleness that is student loans. Bonus was that I got to keep all the questions that the kids thought up. It's all going to be archived! :)

This past weekend was my first roller derby/skating lesson. It was very fun, and I realized that I haven't skated in forever (I was like a newborn foal, wobbling around and falling down on the track) and that derby requires A LOT of core and quad/upper leg strength. I'm hoping to organize a couple of practice squads once the weather clears up next week with a few of the other participants.

On the movie list - the whole watch thing is very much going to happen! I want to set up a blog and find a chat platform, because I'm still excited about mass geeking out on the regular.

Finally - I intend to update regularly, but if you know my name feel free to friend me over on FB (which I've been updating more only because it requires less forethought). Although I do solemnly swear to type in the box way more often.

How's it with you?
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