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I knew my day would be inconvenienced by the lack of subway service. I just underestimated *how* much time I would have to dedicate to getting around.

I woke up at 5:50, managed to get dressed and out the door by 6:20AM. When I got to the bus station, there was a long line, but it wasn't the epic stuff I was used to seeing while waiting for other buses. Of course, I realized why it wasn't epic length after one bus passed: folks were getting pissed and simply leaving to walk wherever. I ended up waiting for a bus for an hour and a half+ (numerous buses passed, all full, none stopping, cabs charging three arms and a leg for transportation to the city) before texting my boss and asking if I could work from home. She said it was cool, as I was going to end up working for my old boss anyway. I walked back to the apartment, changed, and set up shop (work computer, charger, personal computer, charger, cellphone, notebook, pens). Then I e-mailed and called my old boss to find out what she wanted me to do. No response, but I did get two mass e-mails speaking about how great it was that the buses were running. I took that to mean my old boss was being a witch and didn't want to respond to me, and that she would prefer me to be in the office. So I got dressed again, packed all my shit away, and tried the bus stop again. With the same result. Actually, things were *worse* because it was later and more cars were on the road. I stuck it out for another 30 minutes before getting a VM message from old boss giving me shit to do. Back I trekked to the apartment, to set up all my shit (work computer, charger, personal computer, charger, cellphone, notebook, pens, plus spiked coffee this time around), and got to work.

Tomorrow should be more commuter fun. The trains will be partially running, but if they're anything like the buses I'll have another exercise in patience.

That being said, I have my life and my health. I bitch, but it's okay in the end.

Seems like the kids have found our block too dark; we only had one pair of Trick o' Treaters, and they weren't even wearing a costume. Just kids who wanted candy. The tub of Snickers is tempting me.

I'm going to try cross-posting this, as I'm pretty sure LJ and I are on our last legs. Let's see what happens.


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