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Workdays: Generally wake up around 5:55am, five minutes before my first alarm goes off. There's this Pavlovian aversion to the actual *sound* of the buzzer, making it most effective. Lean out of the bed, reach over my printer to get to the alarm clock (most days I'm speeding to make sure no hint of the buzzer is heard), switch off both alarms. Lie back in bed for a second, sigh, wish I was sleeping, hope I've magically managed to come into money overnight, sigh again, throw off the covers, stagger upright. Put TV on NY1, linger around to catch a go of "Weather on the 1s". Head to the bathroom, start gargling, use toilet, spit out mouthwash, wash face, brush teeth. Head back to bedroom, put on choker/necklace (seriously, [ profile] darker_one, I love that thing) and watch, moisturize skin and tackle any insidious ash on arms and/or legs. Rub on deodorant (Invisible Solid!), pull on tee-shirt, then socks, then shirt and pants. Detach cell phones from chargers, gather any needed medical supplies from stores underneath bed, head downstairs. Deactivate alarm system, get shoes from closet (level of coherency determines method shoes are placed on feet: more coherent = laces untied, shoes slipped on feet, laces tightened and tied, less coherent = not so much all that stuff), pack laptop and charger into traveling bag, place cell phones in purse. Don coat and any other required weather gear, make sure Metrocard's in pocket or purse, reactive alarm, leave home within 30 seconds or face the wrath of our alarm company.

Days off: Sleep. Eventually wake up. Maybe change out of sleep clothes. Depends. Freestyle, baby.


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