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2013-10-06 07:07 pm

I'm a traveling woman

I'm in Louisville, KY, for a Quality Conference. There doesn't seem to be a whole lot to do in Louisville, but every local I've interacted with has been disturbingly friendly. So far I've just sat through a prep class for the Quality Certification Exam I'm scheduled to take 1st week of December. Class was boring for the most part, the teacher did a lot of reading from her Powerpoint slides (I kept thinking "I paid money for this??"). There was also a vendor hall where one could pick up a lot of knick-knacks (pens, bags), but I'm not big on stupid free shit. And a lot of the vendors were geared more towards Director level folks, who would be involved in buying software for their agencies. As I'm a small fry I did a quick lap and walked out the door. Good thing about this conference is that it's through Wednesday, which gives me a mini-vacation and lets me learn more about Quality Improvement, a field I'm finding I'm quite passionate about.

During one of today's breakout sessions, a woman with which I'd been chatting asked me what would be my dream job. I had a quick answer, based off my love of Air Disasters, one of my favorite TV shows: Accident Investigator. Dream job as in you need aviation experience to be considered for the positions, and that apparently it is hard as hell to get a foot through the door, but it requires inquisitiveness and "Sherlock"-ing (trying to deduce all the whys of a situation), things that I'd love to do full-time (and that I wish I could do more of in my current position). If only there was a public health equivalent...I think there must be similar work available with disease processes and epidemics in the CDC.

On a non-related note, one of my friends at work took the time out on Friday to pull me aside and tell me he was going to drop one of his job titles, which would result in him not being my colleague any more. The news really put major damper on my day, because I love hanging out with him and working alongside him, but with his change in title I'll most likely rarely get to see him. It was nice that he actually gave me forewarning, but such a downer. I had to leave the office and talk a walk to try to get my mind off of it.

Hopefully tomorrow I can find something with which to occupy my time in the city after the conference meetings wrap up. Otherwise I have no problem trying to catch up on schoolwork and/or lounging in this plush-ass bed. Soft beds FTW!