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I'm not a fan of nursing theory class. One, the professor is somewhat douche-y, two, a lot of the material is on very abstract stuff. I need concrete thought, dammit. I'm already somewhat tired of it, and it's only week three. I have to write a paper and do a presentation on a theory (bureaucratic caring). Just tried doing the reading, it was like trying to capture jelly (fatigue, brain, metaphors, ugh).

I've been tracking my weight on a run chart (thank you, improvement work!). I've been trending up, which is always depressing to look at. And I've been feeling more depressed lately, might be some correlation there. For my health promotion class (which, to balance the nursing theory class, seems like it's made of pure awesomesauce), I've had to track my health activities for the last couple of weeks. Initially my eating habits suffered from Observation Betterment ("better" activity while tracking), but I'm definitely at the "who gives two fucks?" portion of things (acclimation and whatnot), as my intake over the last three days will attest. My excuse is that I went to the ballpark twice over that period, and the first time it was with the BFF over a celebratory dinner. Flimsy, but I'm going to run with it. We're supposed to write a paper on analyzing our health habits with the data we've collected, and I'm looking forward to criticizing the holy fuck out of myself. In APA format with appropriate citations, of course.

A friend's wedding is this Saturday, and I'm dreading it. Have been dreading it for the last few weeks, in fact. Her circle of friends (outside of our mutual friend from work, of course) are folks who come across as classist and arrogant, and the short time I spent with them at her engagement party turned me off something fierce. I'd usually just chill with someone and try to endure, but the mutual work friend who's also going to the wedding is most likely going to make it her mission to get drunk and get laid, leaving me in the lurch. My goal is to avoid the alcohol and stay as long as politely possible. The main annoyance leading up to things has been the clothing shopping and prep work. Still have to figure out what makeup I have to get, get my nails and brows done, then try to beg my hairdresser for an appointment on Friday. See? I care about being prepped and ready, yet know it's all going to be pointless because I'm most likely going to look a mess anyway. Meh.

Bonus of the day: I'd ordered my school books from Barnes &, using the gift cards folks had given me for my birthday. Mistake, as shipping turned out to be a nightmare, and one box was thought to be lost in transit (no shipping details from the carrier). I called Customer Service, and they promised to ship another order with the same items free of charge. Of course, the missing box showed up the next day. When the new shipment arrived, I planned on calling Barnes & Nobles and returning it. Of course, I ended up dragging my feet and only got around to opening the box today. 16 days after the box arrived. The return details say you can return up to 14 days post-delivery. Oops. Seeing as I didn't pay for the items, I sure as heck was not going to pay to return it to them anyway. But, the bonus part - the original order was for a copy of the APA and a Health Promotion text book. The replacement order has a copy of the APA...and a Betty Crocker Health Heart Cookbook. Not quite the same, but a nice item nonetheless. I shall utilize it. :)
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