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This weekend I've been taking in some first run films and actually got around to watching a movie I've had sitting around for a while.

On Friday I went to see "Silver Lining Playbook," which started out as a book (I had no idea). I'd seen previews for it for the last couple of months, and thought it looked cute. The main character was a guy diagnosed with bipolar disorder and what happened to him on his return home. It's a movie that I think I would have enjoyed more if I hadn't watched it in a full theater on opening weekend. Bradley Cooper very convincingly portrayed a man dealing with mania and manic episodes, but his actions/delivery often led to laughter from the audience. And I personalized it all a bit too much from my experience, and found it more...?sad? at least, not a laugh riot. Not to say that the movie wasn't humorous. But it was intriguing. I definitely didn't leave there saying "oh my god, this is so good!" and calling my friends to tell them to see it immediately, like a number of the folks in the audience did as we left, but it was an okay film. Definitely video watchable.

Saturday I went to see "Skyfall." Okay, that was a great summer flick. I'm not a Bond person, can't recall much of anything from the other films, but I loved the pacing, found myself feeling for the bad guy, and left the theater eagerly anticipating the next installment in the series. Daniel Craig has never been a draw for me, but he knocked the role out of the park.

After running around in the city and spending way too much on a pair of shoes (!), I put on "The Hurt Locker." I didn't realize it had so many big names in it: Guy Pearce, Ralph Fiennes (I ended up having a double dose of Fiennes yesterday, it was such a good day), and Jeremy Renner. I know Katherine Bigalow got the Best Director's Oscar that year, but I didn't know Renner had been nominated for Best Actor. And he put in such an amazing performance. Understated, like most of his delivery. Poor Jeremy is a character actor moonlighting as a leading man, which is why he can put in 110% in stuff like "The Hurt Locker" and "Dahmer" and still end up with relatively background parts in the Avenger flicks. But, God, "The Hurt Locker" is one of those great character study films that make you feel for the protagonist and all the men and women fighting overseas. Thoroughly watchable.

The plan for today? Plan for next Saturday's party (oh my God), watch lotsa football, relax. Laundry's all done, groceries picked up for the week, dinner components are just waiting to be assembled and popped into the oven, and I still have 3/4 a bottle of Moscato to go. I'm liking today so far. :)


Nov. 15th, 2012 09:18 pm
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So Jeremy Renner is hosting Saturday Night Live this week and Tom Hiddleston has yet to be tapped for the gig? What's going on, Lorne?? Don't force me to make an angry post on some random forum in the interwebs. I will do it, so help me God.
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I've given into the quiet nagging from my family and decided to have a "Housewarming Party." Not really, because a) I'm in an apartment and b) I've always figured housewarming parties worked more when one moved into a *home*, but my family wants what it wants. And generally what they want is some booze, free food, and TV. Which has me sort of antsy, because the apartment is pretty small and lacking in furniture, and seeing as there's only the one TV everyone's going to be more or less forced to interact with one another. And my family's pretty large. I've made sure to emphasis on the invitations that there's to be no inviting of anyone *outside* of the family, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to end up entertaining about 25-35 people. Ugh. I'm trying not to freak out too much (this is going to be a BYOC [chair] gig, because, yeah).

One of my continued goals is to attempt to put myself out there more and try to socialize more. It remains tough, but sometimes I find myself pleasantly surprising myself. Ended up chatting with a nice woman at the laundromat Sunday who was a major Dr. Who/Torchwood fan, who pointed me towards Torchwood NY meet ups that I might check out. And I'm seriously considering starting up another book club with some of my friends from the office (where we're actually going to read the books, dammit). Small steps and all.

Now if only work would stop being torturous I think things would be okay.
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I knew my day would be inconvenienced by the lack of subway service. I just underestimated *how* much time I would have to dedicate to getting around.

I woke up at 5:50, managed to get dressed and out the door by 6:20AM. When I got to the bus station, there was a long line, but it wasn't the epic stuff I was used to seeing while waiting for other buses. Of course, I realized why it wasn't epic length after one bus passed: folks were getting pissed and simply leaving to walk wherever. I ended up waiting for a bus for an hour and a half+ (numerous buses passed, all full, none stopping, cabs charging three arms and a leg for transportation to the city) before texting my boss and asking if I could work from home. She said it was cool, as I was going to end up working for my old boss anyway. I walked back to the apartment, changed, and set up shop (work computer, charger, personal computer, charger, cellphone, notebook, pens). Then I e-mailed and called my old boss to find out what she wanted me to do. No response, but I did get two mass e-mails speaking about how great it was that the buses were running. I took that to mean my old boss was being a witch and didn't want to respond to me, and that she would prefer me to be in the office. So I got dressed again, packed all my shit away, and tried the bus stop again. With the same result. Actually, things were *worse* because it was later and more cars were on the road. I stuck it out for another 30 minutes before getting a VM message from old boss giving me shit to do. Back I trekked to the apartment, to set up all my shit (work computer, charger, personal computer, charger, cellphone, notebook, pens, plus spiked coffee this time around), and got to work.

Tomorrow should be more commuter fun. The trains will be partially running, but if they're anything like the buses I'll have another exercise in patience.

That being said, I have my life and my health. I bitch, but it's okay in the end.

Seems like the kids have found our block too dark; we only had one pair of Trick o' Treaters, and they weren't even wearing a costume. Just kids who wanted candy. The tub of Snickers is tempting me.

I'm going to try cross-posting this, as I'm pretty sure LJ and I are on our last legs. Let's see what happens.


Jan. 29th, 2012 10:18 am
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I'd been very busy these last couple of weeks with union/work stuff. Our contract expires on January 31, and so myself and the other union reps were in negotiation meetings with management. Painful, protracted negotiation meetings. Every day for me last week started around 6 am and I didn't end up in my bed until 1 or 2am the following day. We finally ended up drafting points for ratification Friday morning, with the nurses voting to support it that evening. I had my first full night of sleep Friday night. Had to run around Saturday doing errands, but I feel like laying out in bed today. I get the feeling this week is not going to be pleasant.

My H.L.P. Jo and I are planning a London/Paris trip this fall. We were at first looking at packaged tours, but I think I persuaded her that we should just putt around on our own. I'm pretty sure we're both most keep on London, so I've been eyeballing hotels and sites, and then we'll take transportation over to Paris for a day trip or two.

On the funny tip - my dad has become a Game of Thrones fanboy. We have one DVR box in our home. I seem to have monopolized most of the recording. Problem is, when it records two shows at one time the cable box switches the channel over to the first show, essentially hijacking the TV until one of the recordings is complete. Dad was in the middle of watching basketball when the DVR started recording Archer and Game of Thrones, so the game got preempted. So he came to me yesterday morning and said "you recorded that show, that one where they were trying to kill the king?" and I was all "oh, yes, ha!" Now he's been going through and watching episodes in random order. And I have yet to actually watch more than ten minutes of the first episode. Good times.

I hope the gyms have started to empty by now. At one point during downtime in negotiations, I rallied some of my colleagues in line dances to stay awake (which, btw, underlined my belief that The Cupid Shuffle and Cha-Cha Slide are black wedding staples because they totally didn't know what the hell I had them doing) and I realized how little I've been moving lately because the stretch from those few movements felt wonderful. I'm much more deconditioned than usual.
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Someone I consider a close friend is having her birthday celebration tomorrow. I don't usually do parties, but she's one of the folks for whom I'd make an exception. When she first mentioned her usual B-Day happenings it involved having folks come by her apartment for an informal pot-luck style thing. Which, still awkward and hard for me to deal with, but manageable. Now it seems like she's decided to have a party at a bar down in Soho. A place that will require some amount of dressing up. And will most likely have loud music and drunken pretty people. And I really like this woman, but I don't think I'm up to that right now.
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Today was double feature movie day. I watched Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol and Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. I enjoyed Sherlock Holmes more than MI, if only for the slashiness. The new Sherlock Holmes movie was so gay that on leaving the theater I think we all should have been showered with rainbow confetti and given complimentary toasters. Both movies could have done with better writing, but it was a nice waste of time.

On the upcoming movie front:
* Avengers - still lots of YAY!!

*Dark Knight - Just call it an Inception reunion tour already. My pet theory? Joseph Gordon-Levitt is playing a Bludhaven cop tranferred into Gotham named Dick Grayson. Come on, he could totally handle the acrobatics.

*Prometheus - It has Idris Elba, Michael Fassbender, Noomi Rapace, and possible aliens. I'm so in.

Planning on seeing Warhorse sometime next week at the start of my vacation (more yayz!)
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This is what we usually listen to ad nauseam on Christmas Day:

Best wishes, everyone. :)
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[Poll #1805554]

When I was taught to cook, I was told that meat must always be cleaned with lime or vinegar and then seasoned ahead of time. ALWAYS. On pain of death. Or something along those lines. And my mom and I watch with eyebrows raised as chefs on various cooking shows pull poultry out of a plastic bag and start in with whatever.
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K! So I'm flipping through the channels last night (btw, I worked this weekend. It was AWFUL. Don't ask. Unless you want a rant PM'd to you), and I stop on Holmes on Homes. And I'm almost instantly hooked. So I run around my house asking its occupants "hey, you ever seen Holmes on Homes?" And all those bastards, to a one, reply "yes, it's pretty good." WTF!! Why didn't anyone tell me? I mean, yes, the way it always seems to end with Holmes berating shoddy construction projects and lazy workers can get a bit repetitive, but it's neat to see him point out what should and should not go down in regards to home building (although are Canadian building codes the same as American codes?) Nevertheless, I ended up (mostly) staying up until midnight last night watching the show (I fell asleep before the hour was up, so didn't get to see the new bathroom Holmes and his crew had produced.

Work holiday party has been moved to the 2nd week of January. I'm on vacation then. However, I also have a union dinner/inauguration thing to attend. Totally not cool.

I still have not seen the new Mission: Impossible or Sherlock Holmes. I am very very bummed about this.

Okay, LJ folks - stop leaving! Y'all just keep disappearing and then my sandbox is empty and have you tried playing in a sandbox by yourself? It's just sad.'

ETA - If you're dead set on pulling up stakes, I'm over on DW. Even though I haven't touched that journal since I made it. But: Fredericks over on DW.
Feel free to add me. Or add me to your circle. Or however things are done over there.
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Today is Middle Little Bro's birthday. I took him and Littlest Little Bro out for breakfast this morning. Birthday Boy started complaining about having to pick up my mother from work (she left her car home so that we could drive out for breakfast instead of having to take public transportation, which I thought was an exceptionally nice gesture), because it's Sunday and football's on. I looked him in the eyes and said, "You know, 22 years ago to this day Mom pushed you out of her vagina. You were very big [for the record, he was 11 lbs, 11 oz, and 21 inches], and her vagina was very little. The least you can do is pick her up from work and take her to Costco so she can make a meal for you on your birthday." The *look* of horror on his face...I wish I'd had a camera on hand. He stopped complaining after that. I do so love being evil.

Last call for holiday cards. And I'm not going to procrastinate. More than usual.
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I watched the recently released version of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy last night. The experience was pretty hilarious. It's in a limited number of theatres, so I went down to my chosen locale during my lunch hour to buy my ticket, knowing it would be a bit of a madhouse right before the showing. My showing was at 6, but because of typical office craziness I didn't end up leaving work until around 5, rushing my ass down to the theatre by 5:30. When I got there I was told by the ticket taker that it was seating already, but the previous showing was still playing, so all of us for the 6 o'clock ended up mingling around, some more antsy than others. One guy kept pestering the poor folks waiting to clean up the theatre about the late showing, as it they had anything at all to do with it. I heard other folks grumbling and re-arranging dinner reservations. Ah, NYers. Somehow we ended up seated in the theatre by 5:50 or so, and the previews started promptly at 6. With the movie itself not starting until 6:25. So there. Funniest thing before the show? The folks in the show before us ended streaming out as we were waiting, and some of them decided to let us know what they though. One hilarious older women came out and loudly proclaimed, "It was horrible, horrible! Don't see it. It's so confusing."

My take on the movie? Totally not horrible, totally not too confusing. In love with itself and its little bits of visual foreshadowing, but still a pretty great movie. Go see it. I mean, it has Gary Oldman, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hardy, and Colin Firth (or, as I've taken to calling them: Commissioner Gordon, Sherlock, Eames, and Mr. Darcy). And there is depth to what was presented. I *love* that we have an unreliable narrator steering our journey, as it leaves so much open to interpretation. I find myself wanting to go watch the movie again just to hash it out with someone. Somewhat spoilerific. ) Good times.

Okay, so celebrities routinely ride the subway. Where have I been? Besides zoning out and staring into the middle distance, of course. Subway etiquette dictates you never look people in the eye when riding the subway (and "riding/taking the subway" the correct term to mean "on a train" 'round these parts), unless you're agitated. It's usually why I make sure to have some reading material readily available on my person. When I ride the train with my dad it's always hilarious, because my dad refuses to follow etiquette, and he instead is constantly looking around the car at the folks sitting/standing next to him. He's curious, what can I say? It's quite child-like. But as he's not a child, people tend to avoid sitting or standing next to him, even though (IMO) my father appears quite unassuming. But, yes, I've probably been in close proximity to any number of famous folk but didn't look 'em in the face to figure it out.

Folks are working on our house. The gentlemen redid the roofing (installing skylights (!)), and are now tackling the porch and the dining nook. Things are looking surprisingly amazing, and I'm optimistic that the work will be done by Christmas proper. My plan for today was to do some shopping in the city, but seems I'm stuck housesitting while these guys do what they do. Not cool. But, oh well.


Dec. 8th, 2011 10:27 pm
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1. An e-mail was sent out at work today with the subject line "Terrible News - Holiday Party Cancelled." Whomp-whomp. Apparently the venue chosen gave us a space that the bosses felt was "inadequate" (and *that* is why you research the space *before* you advertise the party and agree to a contract, dumbasses). More evidence that my workplace doesn't care about its workers. Waiting until the beginning of December to attempt to plan a holiday party is just stupid, particular in Manhattan.

2. I really REALLY fucking hate those Lexus commercials.
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1. Only yesterday did it dawn on me what the abbreviation BAMF (or BAMF!) meant. For some odd reason I thought it had something to do with teleportation.

2. This morning, I refused to give the guy who routinely begs outside of the Duane Reade near my job any money. But instead of ignoring him I decided to curtly reply "no" to his inquiry for cash. He then took it upon himself to loudly proclaim "Hell in a handbasket. Hell. In. A. Handbasket." all the while staring at me as I made my way past. That amused my cubicle neighbor to no end, because she'd been living under a rock and had never heard the saying before. AND because when I came to my desk I found someone had left me a little ceramic plaque with a "Nurses Prayer" written on it. I figured someone thought I needed saving and the homeless guy had been given advance warning.

3. I decided to go to the office holiday party, even though I'm stuck working the next day (party's on Friday, I work that weekend). Hopefully it's not too awful.
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(or, "The Most Random Update in the World")
When I'm not watching true crime shows (sans reenactments, please), I've found myself hooked on reality cooking shows, mainly Kitchen Nightmares, Restaurant: Impossible, and Chopped. I much preferred the UK version of Kitchen Nightmares as compared to the US version. Gordon Ramsay is a lot more abrasive in the US version, as if Americans can't handle subtlety. Even the visual cuts and musical cues of the US version are blatantly done to raise the dramatic content. Restaurant: Impossible, with Robert Irvine (resume fudger extraordinaire), has a host who's more polite towards the folks he's supposedly coming to help, but the show's way too formulaic (to the point that I don't watch it nearly as much anymore): Irvine comes in, finds out the food is crap and/or the place is filthy, he coaches the restauranteurs and their staff, Irvine has his interior decorator come in and she works up until the last minute/dollar to turn the place around, the revamped venue opens with shaky legs under itself, but ends the night with a successful effort.

My problem with both Kitchen Nightmares and Restaurant: Impossible is that the owners/chefs are shown to be so disgustingly incompetent at first glimpse that I'd *never* patronize their restaurants. I mean, the things I've seen Ramsay and Irvine wipe off of kitchen counters and pull out of fridges has come close to making me dry heave. I'd not trust those folks to maintain any sort of hygiene standards once the cameras departed (and I'd really love to eat at one of Ramsay's restaurants, if only because I'd trust his staff to keep the kitchen immaculate). No matter how the place was "turned around," old habits are hard habits. And slimy chicken is cheap chicken. Totally makes me want to avoid eating out.

On the other hand, Chopped, a timed three-course chef competition, is all sorts of awesome. If you've never seen it, it starts out with four chefs, and at the end of every round the dishes the chefs prepare are judged by a panel of "experts," with the preparer of the "worst" dish sent packing. The chefs must create a dish with the four mystery items that are presented at the beginning of the round. Generally they are one or two "oddball" items thrown in; I recall white duck kidneys a.k.a duck testicles being in an entree basket one day (none of the chefs knew they were testicles), and lemon drops being in an appetizer basket another day.
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Follow this link for my holiday card post. Y'all are awesome, and I want to send stuff via snail mail to you.

[ profile] wyldemusick shared a link to The Mount TBR [To Be Read] Challenge. Because if you're like me you have oodles of books that you just haven't gotten around to reading and/or completing. Since a number of the books are slender YA novels I think aiming for Mount Kilimanjaro (50 books) is reasonable for me. I'll share my book list in a few days.

I'm also going to make an informal DVDs to be watched list. I have this horrible habit of picking up DVDs (on sale!) that I've wanted to watch, but then never getting around to actually getting them out of the plastic wrap.

There's already a Fredericks on Tumblr (grr), so I decided to lay claim to FredericksX. Haven't done anything over there yet (ha), but I guess I might as well see what all the fuss has been about.

Yayz to TV!

Dec. 3rd, 2011 10:09 pm
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I just got around to watching the most recent episode of "Community." Anime cut scenes. ANIME CUT SCENES! Abed as Batman for almost half the episode. Troy's happy humming, then Troy's panicked flailing, then Troy's distraught humming. Little to no Pierce. And, oh, ANIME CUT SCENES.

Me heart very much.
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It's almost Christmas! Joy. I was gobsmacked to realize the first week of Advent began this past Sunday. Oldest little bro and I have plans to procure a tree this weekend. The actual decorating probably won't happen until closer to the day, knowing how we work. I've decorated by cubicle at work as well; bobblehead Iron Man and Captain America are illuminated by steady red and green LED lights, which I find endlessly amusing. Now I'm just waiting for more snow and I'll be good to go.

Middle little bro is being flown to Houston tomorrow to interview for a job. I'm bummed that he didn't get called back for the Apple corporate job he'd applied (no free stuff!), but I'm hopeful for this other position. Youngest little bro is still pretty aimless at the moment. Hopefully he'll find some direction sooner rather than later. Oldest little bro ran the physical for a NYPD job today. He's still on the fence about taking a spot in the incoming class if/when they call him, but he's at least working a steady.

Work = crazy busy. ::head desk::

Social life = surprisingly not busy. ::head desk::

Otherwise, everything is all good.
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Couple of things making me happy right about now:

1. Perusing the ridiculousness that is the Hammacher Schlemmer catalogue. Because who doesn't need a fingerprint recognizing personalized espresso machine?

OR! An inspiration Archipod. Come on, peoples! Get on it.

2. The full Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 trailer. "Now you got it, n00b!" out of Sam Worthington's mouth has not stopped being funny.

3. Community! Ach, I seriously heart this show. Don't let it go away, NBC!! *sob*
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We're post-Thanksgiving (and Happy Belated White Guilt Amnesty Day, y'all), so I figured it's well past time of the holiday card post. Reply below with your snail mail info (all comments are screened and hidden), and I'll send a card to you filled with love, best wishes, and fabulousness. With perhaps a side of glitter.

If you're wary of LJ and still wouldn't mind some seasonal well-wishes delivered to your mailbox, feel free to send me your info via e-mail (


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