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Work was amazing today. I was a productive beaver, kept my nose to the grindstone, and other idiotic sayings and/or idioms to signify that I worked my ass off and think I did a fucking great job (above and bloody well beyond, even).

I went to the gym afterwards (did I mention I have a membership to Crunch now? I do, for convenience reasons). Worked out (I'm lucky enough to hit the gym right before the post-work rush occurs) and then headed out the door to the pedestrian path down the middle of Broadway to sit for bit and take in the sights while I indulged with some yogurt and honey. It was wonderful to take a moment and *breathe*, take in my surrounds instead of running to and fro. I was seated close enough to Times Square to see the edges of the flashing jumbo billboards and catch the tourists with their maps in hand walking away from the chaos. A group of too young and too tan boys decided to photo opt next to me instead of dealing with the craziness of 42nd Street (suit jackets and shorts? such a bad choice). Hilarious.

When my snack interlude was complete I went to Whole Foods to restock my dairy and fruits before jumping on the subway and making my way home.

Can't believe tomorrow is the 1st of April. APRIL, y'all. Time flies whether or not you're having fun. Guess you just got to make fun where you can.

By the way - I really wish I'd had my camera with me today. I'm going to make a habit of carrying it around from now on.

On the book front: The Year of Living Biblically by A.J. Jacobs? Recommended reading. Funny, insightful, light reading that provokes discussion. I'm reading Michael Chabon's latest at the moment. Good times.
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The rainy weather has made my usual reliable internet connection less so. I'm not a happy camper (bwah!). I like dreary weather every so often, but the continued deluge makes me want to stockpile Wellbutrin.

At least my cable's functional. ::goes back to watching Reno 911!::
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Washington Square Park this afternoon. Who wants to be stuck in an office during lunchtime?

It was gorgeous outside today. I left the office during lunch to grab some soda bread and cross buns from Amy's Bread and then ended up detouring to the Park. Hackysack players were out, women were hula-hooping for no real reason, the jazz bands were playing, kids and dogs and grown-ups were lazing about. Warm weather after a nor'easter is a true blessing.

I had my corned beef, potatoes, cabbage, and bread. I'm ready to call it a night.
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[Insert image HERE]

Falling asleep on myself. Was supposed to make it out to the gym, was exhausted on the train ride over (it's conditioned in me at this point), ended up jumping off the bus and heading home. Yet I haven't gone to sleep yet. Yep, things are right on schedule.

Am trying to find reputable orthopedic surgeons to scope out my knees. My insurance changed from a PPO to POS as of 2/1, and now a couple of the orthos I'm interested in are considered out of network. No bueno, man. And I have to contact the medical records of the hospital in RI to get OR reports from the surgeries back in 2000 and 2001. I mean, wtf? I'm all about making medical information electronic and this shit is one of the reasons why.

And my cables out and my feet are cold and no one [aside from immediate family and that weird dude who plays the steel drums occasionally at the Herald Square station although I suspect he lies] loves me and I'm going to die alone and be eaten by rabid raccoons. Maybe.

Time for me to sleep.
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My current mental state, in photo form.

When it's rainy and windy our phone services go out. Coincidentally, during that type of weather I'm usually inside. That means I'm stuck in the home avoiding the elements with spotty internet service. Not cool, Life.

I was productive today. A bit. I looked up grad programs for public health. I'm looking at four or five schools in the area that offer part-time MPH degrees, but of those choices only two have reasonable prices. NYU and Columbia might have great reputations but I'm NOT looking to spend $700+ a credit if I can get into Hunter and pay $900 for a three credit course. I need to retake the GREs for every school but Columbia, so I figure to apply for the spring semester 2011. I like the idea of public health, and I'd love being able to work with the government in regards to helping shape policy or health regulations for the populace (btw, NY's proposed soft drink tax? Paterson needs to stop acting like it has anything at all to do with protecting the citizens from their own bad judgment and flat out say it's a tea/stamp tax), but I'm not sure if my interest in public health or public health nursing will lead me down this path. But I'll see. I have to start by studying for and taking the GREs.

Okay, onto the ABJECT HATE portion of my post - anyone else seen those new NuvaRing commercials? It has three women sitting around talking about the contraceptive choices and one of them brings up NuvaRing and they're all perky and young and healthy (and beautiful, with that "obviously getting some on a regular basis" glow). Which, whatever, that's the template for all ads involving products related to reproduction. But the ad that precedes the overt NuvaRing spot seems to be made by the same folks. It features ominous music and a pretty young woman looking concerned and distressed, standing outside on her porch as she confides to a friend that her equally young and pretty companion was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Shocking, that she's so perky and young and health but has cancer. If only there was something out there that she could use that might not increase her risk for cancer.

But, wait!, what does NuvaRing's website say about the matter:
Some studies have found an increase in the incidence of cancer of the cervix in women who use oral contraceptives. However, this finding may be related to factors other than the use of oral contraceptives. There is insufficient evidence to rule out the possibility that Pills may cause such cancers.
(emphasis mine)

Insufficient evidence, but let's follow the scary cancer "public service announcement" with a blatant plug for our product that hasn't been linked either way. Those. FUCKERS. Using fear to try to get people to buy your products? Yes, I know it happens all the time (aspirin commercials about folks surviving heart attacks by taking a measly 81mg of the stuff, home alarm/security product ads), but something about NuvaRing's attempt pissed me off so badly I wanted to punch the television.

I'm calm now, but...Jebus, you know?

Tomorrow is another longer, more annoying day.
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This is my 'hood. I'm dodging bonsai as I type.

Internet and phone connections sporadic. Verizon sucks so much cojones and needs to be attacked by ninja lemurs.
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Cute pic. Which is why I hate to pull out the pathos, but I'm constantly letting myself get chased around by ridiculousness that I know I should be conquering. Also? mmmhm, cherries.

I'm beginning to wonder if my downturn in mood correlates to anything: my menses, the phases of the moon, the rotation of the earth? If only life could provide answers that would lend themselves to solutions. Instead I fight the urge to turtle and try to remain integrated into the world around me. It's why I'm continuing to refrain from using my earphone while outside of the house.

One of my co-workers is leaving tomorrow. One of the nurses, in fact, and a person with whom I've always liked interacting. He got a better position at another institution and I'm happy for him; I'm also a bit envious, and sad that I won't spend as much time speaking with him during the course of my day. I'm going to try to get some cupcakes and Japanese sweets for us to hold a little bash for him in the office tomorrow, my schedule willing (knowing my luck I'm likely going to have to go see patients, but whatever).

Okay, topic change - Dragon Con, OH MY GOD!. So Garrett Wang(!!!!) has been named the head of the Trek Track. I did indeed release a squeak of joy when I read that on my FList. And now I'm looking through the guest list and it's a veritable cornucopia of wonderfulness on soft billowy awesomeness bread: Armin Shimerman. Avery Brooks (yes! he returns!). Brent Spiner. Rene Auberjonois. And let me not forget the non-Trek related appearance of Jim Butcher. If David Hewlett does make good on his Tweet and arrange to make it down to Atlanta I might just tip over.

Watch your neck, another topic change - has anyone else with a paid account been dealing with an extraordinary amount of spam lately? Most of it has been remarkably good, but still laughable spam. My inbox is not happy.

Oh, and I tried to check out the local Crunch. It seems that Crunch doesn't offer a two week guest pass like other gyms in the area (Ballys, NY Sports Club) but a ONE DAY pass. And there's no way to have a staff member simply escort an interested person around the premises so said party could scope out the place and see if the gym becomes annoyingly crowded after 5pm, because I called and asked and received a voice message from "Mike from Alabama" who wanted to help sign me up for a month-to-month pass. *sigh* My ass is expanding again, I need to find some motivation somewhere. V. v. depressing.

Oh well. Thank God tomorrow's Friday, if nothing else.
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Grilling it up. I didn't feel like cooking at all, so we went out to a local teppanyaki-style restaurant we favor for dinner. I love this place because it's owned by a wonderful friendly family whose matriarch always takes the time to chat with patrons during the eating experience.

I felt godawful yesterday. I felt a little better today - a lot, actually, because that abdominal pain was no joke - but I woke up with a painful sore throat, the type that tends to get better after drinking/swallowing (although you don't want to swallow at all at first) but you know will worsen again at night. I couldn't muster the energy to go anywhere or do anything of note due to the minor achey feeling that's lingered throughout, along with periodic twinges from my back and joints. I don't know what the heck is going on, but I do think it's related to my visit to the gym a couple of days ago. I must have picked up some bug while using the equipment. Damn biohazard.

Re-watched some Spaced episodes (my favorite is still the episode from the the first series where the gang goes clubbing), avoided finishing up work, and hoped very hard that I wouldn't have to go to work tomorrow. Barring Armageddon, however, I think I'll have to report in. *sigh* Fun.

Nothing new, but I haven't slipped too far yet. Score?
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My day at the Philadelphia Zoo. I still have that damn monkey door hanger. His tat is hawt.

Needless to say, I slacked on pics today and had to go to the archive to grab something to post. But I had a valid excuse! I felt like I was at death's door up to 45 minutes ago. I woke up with a slight headache that didn't go away during the course of the day, intensifying in spikes at random times, and then started feeling left lower quadrant abdominal pain right around noon that only decided to leave me alone a little while ago. I spent the ride home in a good bit of pain, and ended up curled up in my bed during most of the evening. Such a waste of a good day too! I ended up seeing patients and so putted around the Washington Square area for a couple of hours (a great place to snap pics if one doesn't feel like bending over in agony) before having to head back to the office. I wish whatever illnesses that have decided to flirt with me (the sinus/throat irritation + abdominal discomfort? FAIL) either manifest completely or move on to greener pastures.

Still making my way through The Year of Living Biblically. I don't know why I stopped reading it when I'd initially picked it up last year, because I'm finding the read very enjoyable. It's not a how-to for religion, but an interesting look at some Judeo-Christian though and what faith means to others. I'm about halfway through at the moment. Good times.

It's wrong that I'm sorta hyped about the remake of Clash of the Titans, right? It's going to be cheesy. It's going to have lots of "crash! boom! explode-y!" Maybe sexual situations for no reason. But, hey, Iron Man 2 is still so far away.

Under the wire! I winz internet!
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"And Man created gyms, with sweaty cardio equipment and stinky patrons as far as one's eyes could see." Actually got out to the gym today to work out with the bros. The people who signed up post-New Years seem to have disappeared, and it's not been warm enough to get the folks concerned about finding their "beach bods" hogging the equipment, so I had a pleasant experience.

Yes, that substantial entry? Not making an appearance today.
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Took a ride on the Staten Island Ferry today. It's only my third trip on, my second in recent memory, and it always seems that there are more tourists onboard than commuters.

Headed over to SI to visit family. New thing for today? new position for weekend work. I stayed in office actually doing my job instead of going out to see patients. Busy all day but much less stressful than usual. Fun.

Totally posting for posting's sake at this point. Tomorrow will attempt a substantial entry. G'night Moon.
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No photos taken today because today? FILLED WITH FAIL.
However, in the spirit of the month, a favorite pic I had hanging around:

Words of wisdom found in Fort Tryon Park

I tried something new today. Fail no doubt tastes like that veal sausage I had this evening: underage, undercooked, and full of guilt.

My grandmother said I've grown into a lovely young woman (*snort*) and she was praying hard for God to send me a nice young man to be my boyfriend. I told her to try harder. My grandma is always good for a laugh, even on a craptacular day.
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Day 4: Wherein I Briefly Talk About Island Diets and Not Much Else )

I worked out for a half hour this evening, washed my hair, and am now ready to sleep until 4:30 when I get to start it all again. Joy. Weekend! (even though I might be working I don't care weekend please come soon amen).
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Day 2: Where I Fail At Pictures )

Two things - one full of awesome, one maybe somewhat awesome. You decide.

By way of [ profile] orpheus78, the trailer for Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. This made me laugh and laugh. Don't know if I'll pick up the book but I do think it's a humorously pretentious to make a two minute trailer for a paperback.

2. HBO has optioned 10 episodes of A Song of Ice and Fire That series used to be sort of neat. You know, back when the writing was focused and it was somewhat novel to have main characters killed off like ants. I do want to see what HBO does with things.
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Day One - 3/1 )

It feels odd to say that it's March. I'm all "March? Already?? Jesus." Like I don't look at a calendar at least five times a day. But, really. Wow.
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Are the Olympics done yet? No? because, like, longest closing ceremony ever!
Aside from hoping that Digital Underground and Sir Humps-A-Lot come out of seclusion and sue the U.S. Bobsled Team for royalty rights (not really, but I find the thought alone amusing as all hell) and remembering again that the Olympic athlete is more and more dependent on money and sponsorship, not many thoughts about the Games. Yay! Canada, but NBC needs to start showing Community and 30 Rock again.

I've been trying to make a list of things for the 31 Day but it's hard to think of 31 plus new endeavors. My camera battery is charging, though, and I'm prepared to begin tomorrow fresh and ready to go. Yup. A-huh.

Doing nothing all day is exhausting; who knew?
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Today's given the grand label because this week felt full of suck and this morning's commute in was horrible (blowing snow! almost zero visibility!), having to see patients in the falling ice zone that was Battery Park (like walking a gauntlet, believe you me), but when I got out of the subway after heading home the sun was out, the roads were clear, and people were smiling. I couldn't help but buck up a little bit, even after busting my ass by slipping in the subway car a couple of minutes earlier (quite embarrassing, but everyone was so nice about it and held the laughter in until I'd stepped out of hearing range).

Tomorrow bro and I are heading to Les Halles and then the movies. We're still deciding between Percy Jackson (he just finished the first book and is pushing for this film but I'm still reluctant) and Cop Out (most likely cheesy as hell but we can take that). I figure one day this weekend I'm bound to suck it up and do our taxes.

I'm planning on doing a journaling experiment next month. I've been somewhat inspired by the memoirs I've been reading as of late (Jeff Garlin's My Footprint was at times funny if not very substantial, and I've started another book about a woman's determination to stop dieting) and my stalled efforts to become healthier and continue to lose weight over the last couple of months. I've tentatively titled the venture "The 31 Day March" (that's me trying to be clever), and I intend post a photo each day with an explanation of what that particular picture/moment means to/for me, attempt something new, and then attempt to re-evaluate an old habit. Every day. That's 31 straight days of posting. Lord knows my motivation isn't great at the best of times, but I'm going to see if I can make this work. I'm probably going to do some more planning and thinking over the rest of the weekend, but if anyone wants to join in feel free.

Well, back to vegging and procrastinating on cleaning my room. Happy Friday, everyone! :)


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