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I was supposed to have this entire week off as vacation but decided to work through Wednesday in order to save time for next year. I have no real plans for today outside of heading to the gym and maybe trying to pick up some things at the mall, but I've been up since 7 am and have done little more besides prepare and consume breakfast. Hopefully I manage to roll out of here before noon, because that's when the public school kids start getting let out of classes and bus rides start turning into performance art events ("Commentary on Life in a Sardine Tin").

Last night I went to see An Evening Without Monty Python at Town Hall. I actually wanted to skip it because I was feeling a mite burnt out the weekend before and I attempted to sell the ticket, but the transaction inconveniently fell through at the last minute. Not wanting to waste my money I decided to suck it up, leave work early, get my errands done, and then head back into the city. My seat was in the front row stage right. I was a bit concerned that I was *too* close to the stage upon taking my seat, but once the curtains rose I realized I could see everything well. QUITE well (Alan Tudyk ftw!). Monty Python humor is sort of hit-miss for me: I really liked it when I first was introduced to it back in college, but the more puerile jokes have fallen flat for me over the years - guess I can't appreciate a good cock, blowjob, or surprise cross-dressing joke anymore. This wasn't a repeat of my KitH experience where I ended up more than a little disappointed by the material, mainly because there was a liberal sprinkling of the "oldies but goodies": the Dead Parrot bit? always hilarious, and the Tourism Board monologue that never quits had us all in stitches, as Rick Holmes made his way up and down the first two rows and the aisle gamely continuing his complaints about foreign tourists. My one problem with the show was that it was relatively short an an hour and fifteen minutes (no intermission). I should have pulled out my Nano and recorded some of the bits, but I was afraid the "no recording" gestapo would haul me out. Oh well.

Okay, funny work story - we get call in the office yesterday from one of our home health aide agencies, reporting that the patient an aide was trying to see was currently on the floor of his apartment, had been there since the night prior, and the agency was asking me for permission to cut the lock of the patient's door. Seriously. Re-read the first run-on sentence of this paragraph and let me know if that makes any sense at all. At which point I tell the agency to stop dicking around and call 911, let the cops and EMTs sort out how the damn door's going to be open. We in the office were all trying to figure out how exactly they know the patient is on the floor of his apartment, so I decide to call the patient's listed telephone number. The patient picks up and, in response to my somewhat incredulous inquiry he tells me, yes, he had fallen out of his bed last night and has been on the floor since then. He obviously had access to a phone but never thought to call either his doorman or 911 to get help. He also said he was "fine", but didn't object when I told him emergency services were on his way to evaluate him - it was completely possible that he'd had a stroke or hit his head and was not oriented. Fast-forward a couple of hours and the gentlemen wasn't taken to the hospital, when I spoke with him he stated he was still feeling okay, if a little weak (I'd be weak too if I'd been stuck on the floor for 12+ hours with no water). My job? never boring.

Since my TV and movie-filled iPod managed to die a couple of weeks back (boo!) I've managed to get more reading under my belt during my commutes. I've put You Suck aside and am about 1/3 of the way through A Prayer for Owen Meany, a novel I've been meaning to read ever since I got a chance to see John Irving read an excerpt aloud at a Scholastic event (Stephen King and J.K. Rowling were also at the event - what an usual combination, no?). I might actually be able to make some headway through my "to read" pile if this keeps up.
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Because I would go to Zanzibar to pick up take-out if she asked me to...

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List six songs you are digging:
(1)Another Day - Rent Original B'way Soundtrack
(2)I'll Cover You - Rent Original B'way Soundtrack
(3)Gone - Kanye West
(4)One Night in Bangkok (Remix) - Vinylshakerz
(5)The Ghost of You - My Chemical Romance
(6)One Song Glory - Rent Original B'way Soundtrack

I honestly am not that fond of Rent. I caught it a while back and remember, on the whole, feeling underwhelmed. I was sitting in the audience and all the while the South Park parody of it was running through my head: "We all have AIDS! We all have AIDS!" Then again, I'm not a play person - I'm a music person. I was okay when they were singing. And, dammit, some of the songs are catchy. The stir being caused in my circles by the release of the movie moved me to borrow the soundtrack from the library. I'm pretty sure that at one point today I repeated "Another Day" four or five times. My excuse is that I'm sleep deprived as a mofo. If I was lucid I probably would have made it up to seven or eight. I heart Adam Pascal for some unknown reason; he's not really my stereotypical type. I think it might be the voice (a touch raspy although nowhere near Bryan Adams territory, it takes a little getting used to) and the smile (dazzling, totally lights up his face). I want to see the movie to take in the Pascal on the big screen but I'm not going to bother to pay for a ticket. If I can't get into a screening I will wait for video, unless someone wants to pay my way *ahem*.

But, oh yes, the beginning of Tune Up #2 when Roger and Marc get a call for Benny re: rent (because, hello, title!) - completely hilarious to me. That too I've listened to an inordinate number of times. The way they emphasize the profanity...I'm a simple simple woman.

So there's another exam looming come the afternoon. This one too I'm going into not too concerned. I wonder if I'll get burnt. Eh. This stuff is a little more straightforward, what with all the cranial nerves, ROM, and examination stuff. It's times like these that I'm glad A&P was such a rigorous class.

Got a grand total of 45 minutes of sleep yesterday because I was working on a project for the clinical class. It was a group project, but I decided I wanted to be the one to put our information together. I honestly had no idea it would take me the entire night. Time seemed to be zipping by, *just* like it seems to be doing now. Frak. Something is wrong with either my time perception or my movement, because things ain't right. So, right; project. Worked on it from when I got home (6PM) until 5AM, slept until around 6AM, worked on it until 6:30, took the train to school to meet a partner for 8AM, worked on it until 9:30AM. It's not quality work at all (IMO), but that's not entirely my fault. One of my partners has serious time issues (not her fault) and the other...okay, this woman went to Columbia. She mentions this indignantly when she claims that the teachers that ask us to make our papers conform to APA style "don't know what they talk about". Yes, it's weird to do a book report in APA style but there's a method behind the madness - it's an easy way to get students comfortable with the style. Anyway, she claims to have gone to Columbia and her writing? Pretty bad. I mean, Jesus. I wanted to comb through what she'd written for her part of the project but my own procrastination limited my time available. And she was a Psych major, so I *know* she had to write a number of papers.

Enough bitching from me about that whole debacle, though. It's done, nothing I can do about it now.

I'm going to see if I can start writing again, if only to have something else to list on my resume. It's ridiculously ridiculous how few accolades I have to my name. It'd be endlessly amusing (in a shawesome way, of course) if I graduated in 10 months while the nursing shortage was still on and was unable to land a job.

Shawesome = "shittily awesome" - when something is so bad it takes on epic proportions and your first response is to stand back in amazement and watch it happen. Yes, I know "shittily" is not a word. Give me a break already. And start saying shawesome whenever you can.

I, [ profile] fredericks,do so solemnly swear to get some sleep and make a coherent entry. One of these days.


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