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Even though I'm taking the prescribed B6 supplement in an attempt to counteract the deficiency caused by the antitubercular medication I appear to be lacking B6 anyway, if the disgustingly awesome case of seborrheic dermatitis I have going on at the moment is any indication. It may also explain why I have to muster energy to leave the house or engage in any sort of activity that doesn't require lots of sitting and/or lying down. I just...shyeah. Joy.
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No innuendo there at all, btw.

Right. So this was my brain this morning:
epogenrenalfunctionwhateffectdoeshyperkalemiahaveontheEKGagain?thesenewshoesarereallycomfyohnothepatientsbleedingoutshouldhehaltthehemodialysis?bloodbloodbloodwhew finecantbelieveIdidn'tknowthekidneysregulatedvitaminDactivation...

This was my brain on [ profile] living_kindness:


...what the hell?

Thanks for that, T.

I was off the floor again. I'm beginning to worry that my basic med-surg skills are going to be hideous. The instructor made one of my classmates upset and left another one in tears, small favors I guess.

I picked up my initial supply of isoniazid this evening. Nine months of this stuff. Nine months of no alcohol, no aged cheese, no Tylenol. One pill a day, thirty days in a month, 270 days roughly in nine months. I was really looking forward to writing the graduation speech while slightly tipsy on Sam Adams. When you go "TB...alcohol. TB or...alcohol" you can sort of see an upside but, dammit! Summer Ale!

Finished my assignment by going over to Jo's. I was looking for someone to continually check on me to make sure I was working but we spent time chatting and then she spent time chatting to me while I tried my darnest to type something up. I love her to bits but ohLordy. And she went to see Sweeney Todd without me! ::shakes fist at the heavens::

Home stretch. First final on Monday, then the paper due dates approach. I should prolly start working on them, I think.
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So, my day in a nutshell:

PLUS - Got off work early since the afternoon class was cancelled.
MINUS - Tested positive for exposure to TB.

In my on-going admission to Pace/jump through hoops nightmare, I've "failed" my TB test and so must go and get a chest X-Ray before I'm allowed to proceed with classes. I don't have active TB, since I'm not sick or coughing up a lung, but I was more than a little surprised when I heard the news (only at first; I mean, I take the subway with 1 million other people every was bound to happen). Oddly enough, I was feeling a little congested, phlegmy, and cough-y this morning, right before I went to get my test checked and I didn't think anything of it. Turns out it was a reaction to whatever was in the subcutaneous shot the NP gave me.

Tomorrow, instead of joining my siblings on the beach on the day I took off, the day that's most likely going to be the hottest day of the year up to now, I'll be chilling in the free chest clinic taking in radiation and picking up the pills that I'm supposed to swallow for the next six months. And, oh, I have only a month to get a clean bill from whoever the funk. The fun never does stop in my house.


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