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Are the Olympics done yet? No? because, like, longest closing ceremony ever!
Aside from hoping that Digital Underground and Sir Humps-A-Lot come out of seclusion and sue the U.S. Bobsled Team for royalty rights (not really, but I find the thought alone amusing as all hell) and remembering again that the Olympic athlete is more and more dependent on money and sponsorship, not many thoughts about the Games. Yay! Canada, but NBC needs to start showing Community and 30 Rock again.

I've been trying to make a list of things for the 31 Day but it's hard to think of 31 plus new endeavors. My camera battery is charging, though, and I'm prepared to begin tomorrow fresh and ready to go. Yup. A-huh.

Doing nothing all day is exhausting; who knew?
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Today's given the grand label because this week felt full of suck and this morning's commute in was horrible (blowing snow! almost zero visibility!), having to see patients in the falling ice zone that was Battery Park (like walking a gauntlet, believe you me), but when I got out of the subway after heading home the sun was out, the roads were clear, and people were smiling. I couldn't help but buck up a little bit, even after busting my ass by slipping in the subway car a couple of minutes earlier (quite embarrassing, but everyone was so nice about it and held the laughter in until I'd stepped out of hearing range).

Tomorrow bro and I are heading to Les Halles and then the movies. We're still deciding between Percy Jackson (he just finished the first book and is pushing for this film but I'm still reluctant) and Cop Out (most likely cheesy as hell but we can take that). I figure one day this weekend I'm bound to suck it up and do our taxes.

I'm planning on doing a journaling experiment next month. I've been somewhat inspired by the memoirs I've been reading as of late (Jeff Garlin's My Footprint was at times funny if not very substantial, and I've started another book about a woman's determination to stop dieting) and my stalled efforts to become healthier and continue to lose weight over the last couple of months. I've tentatively titled the venture "The 31 Day March" (that's me trying to be clever), and I intend post a photo each day with an explanation of what that particular picture/moment means to/for me, attempt something new, and then attempt to re-evaluate an old habit. Every day. That's 31 straight days of posting. Lord knows my motivation isn't great at the best of times, but I'm going to see if I can make this work. I'm probably going to do some more planning and thinking over the rest of the weekend, but if anyone wants to join in feel free.

Well, back to vegging and procrastinating on cleaning my room. Happy Friday, everyone! :)


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