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The parental units have returned, as has all the noise (DAD). Just when I was slipping into a lethargic oblivion they had to come and snap me out of it.

What I'm privy to again - Mom apparently misplaced/lost her digital camera (the camera that, incidentally, I bought her for Mother's Day and I'm STILL paying off), meaning either my brother (who's now in Staten Island) has it or it's somewhere in Florida. That being said, here are the reactions of people in the house-

Me: If it's lost, it's lost. If it's not, it's here. There's no point to tear through your bags for it now. Sit and relax. [looks through one bag futilely, then sits and relaxes]
Mom: ...Where's the camera? I swore I had it. [looks through bags]
Dad: You lost your CAMERA?!?! When I have something I put it in one place and I know where it is! Blah blah blah (ten minutes) [sits on ass and does nothing but talk]

I didn't miss all that. Nope.

I made Peanut Sauce-flavored noodles (+ a generous helping of Szechuan spices) with shrimp and vegetables. Only, since I was too lazy and broke to procure rice noodles or broad noodles I ended up using spaghetti. Yup, genuine Asian cooking right there. I thought it came out lovely, but mom thought it required "more sauce" (read: "more liquid") so she dumped some merlot(!) on it. Hmph. You don't mess with my dishes, people. Definite no-no. At least ask I can say "don't put no merlot in my food, fool!" Oh well. Turned out tolerable, surprisingly.

BSG was great tonight. Dr. Cottle was his usual snarky self (the quote that's the subject heading is his, as well as "Hypochondriac. One on every ship." Hee!), and the Helo/Cap!Sharon/Tyrol triangle has me gleefully rubbing my hands together. Sweet Lord, Baltar is INSANE. Makes him less annoying when he's being nutty and not so creepy.


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