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The parental units have returned, as has all the noise (DAD). Just when I was slipping into a lethargic oblivion they had to come and snap me out of it.

What I'm privy to again - Mom apparently misplaced/lost her digital camera (the camera that, incidentally, I bought her for Mother's Day and I'm STILL paying off), meaning either my brother (who's now in Staten Island) has it or it's somewhere in Florida. That being said, here are the reactions of people in the house-

Me: If it's lost, it's lost. If it's not, it's here. There's no point to tear through your bags for it now. Sit and relax. [looks through one bag futilely, then sits and relaxes]
Mom: ...Where's the camera? I swore I had it. [looks through bags]
Dad: You lost your CAMERA?!?! When I have something I put it in one place and I know where it is! Blah blah blah (ten minutes) [sits on ass and does nothing but talk]

I didn't miss all that. Nope.

I made Peanut Sauce-flavored noodles (+ a generous helping of Szechuan spices) with shrimp and vegetables. Only, since I was too lazy and broke to procure rice noodles or broad noodles I ended up using spaghetti. Yup, genuine Asian cooking right there. I thought it came out lovely, but mom thought it required "more sauce" (read: "more liquid") so she dumped some merlot(!) on it. Hmph. You don't mess with my dishes, people. Definite no-no. At least ask I can say "don't put no merlot in my food, fool!" Oh well. Turned out tolerable, surprisingly.

BSG was great tonight. Dr. Cottle was his usual snarky self (the quote that's the subject heading is his, as well as "Hypochondriac. One on every ship." Hee!), and the Helo/Cap!Sharon/Tyrol triangle has me gleefully rubbing my hands together. Sweet Lord, Baltar is INSANE. Makes him less annoying when he's being nutty and not so creepy.
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My Battlestar Galactica crack high continues. New mood theme!, made by the awesome [ profile] stoffel. Lord knows how long it took him/her to make it, but I know it damn well took me an hour and a half to upload all the pics and then stick them in the customized mood theme thingamajiggy. But it's well worth it. New episode tonight, which I'm psyched about. I wasn't too fond of "The Farm", so I'm hoping things take an up-turn since a two-parter's up next.

Went to the doc for my X-ray reading and was informed I'm fit as a fracking whistle, so no meds for me. I have no major complaints about that. Hope the nursing school doesn't have a problem with it. Krishna also seems to be doing well. I call for the results of her biospy tomorrow, but she's been running around like a fool since Tuesday evening, and she's been barking since Wednesday. The barks aren't as loud as usual since she still can't open her jaw all the way but they're there, so that's a plus. Feeding is problematic only if the food sticks together, because she can't get enough leverage to pick it up. I ended up hand-feeding her the last portion of her breakfast to make sure she got all her mashed up meds. Twas very funny, like feeding a baby. I was all "Here, Krishna, eat your food" and she'd mess around for a bit then eat. I could tell when she was having no more because she just sat down and looked away from me. That bitch.

Thanks to a couple of "addme" communities I've met a number of interesting new people. Color me surprised - I've always been wary of those places, because all the ones I saw seemed to be created by 17 year old girls who wanted to revel in their various eating disorders. But as far as I know the people I've come across aren't trying to convince me that ana is the way to go.

I form relationships over LJ (and the internet as a whole) the same way I form them IRL. It's odd and amusing, since I distinctly recall all my research saying that people bond more quickly over the internet and are prone to making more "friendships" due to the loss of inhibitions and fast feelings of intimacy that happen. But I make friends just as slowly over the internet as I do IRL. I also have as few real close friendships over the internet as I do IRL, lowered inhibition or no. Any way you slice it, I seem to be stuck in a life rut. I do so love to be an outlying case when it comes to research data.
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Gah. SO much Battlestar Galactica over the last three days. I watched the 2003 miniseries straight on Saturday, and I've been "acquiring" the 1st season since Sunday. I'm up to 1x11 now, and it looks like the crap is finally hitting the interstellar fan. Luckily Sci-Fi's running a marathon of this season that I'm recording as I type, so if I can get around to catching the last two episodes left in S1 tonight I may be caught up by the time 2x06 rolls around. I have to say, I'm finding Baltar to be really annoying. His shtick fell flat for me after five episodes. Must someone always walk in while he's having an intimate moment with "Six" (the character I often find myself referring to as BSG's version of Seven of Nine)? Come on, peoples. And I've fallen for Starbuck quite hard. *sigh* She's so dreamy! And, uhm, Apollo isn't that bad either. Heh. We could make us a sammich that'd be outta this world...

What else? Caught the Tommy Lee show on NBC tonight. It was funny in a car crash sort of way. I keep wishing he'd get kicked out of marching band, but they've had all the publicity of him in the uniform, so no dice. Something to keep an eye on.

Back to pining for BSG for me.


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