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I think it's been a stressful week for me. The reason I'm not certain about that at the moment is because I just spent the last three hours reading a book while lying in bed without sweating off ten pounds of water weight and currently some soothing Elton John (ha) is playing on the stereo. If my eyes didn't feel slightly dry and burnt out I'd think all is right with the world.

A mini-recap of my week:

Monday I had my Med-Surg/Leadership final. Not pleasant. I had a five hour gap until the subsequent class so I decided to head up to Union Square to catch a movie, the Greg Kinnear and Steve Carrell flick "Little Miss Sunshine". Thoughts )

Tuesday is a complete blur. I think I'd have to look through my school notes to see what I was up to, but I'm actually drawing a blank. Odd.

Wednesday morning/afternoon I had community rotation which, as always, was cool beans. Later that evening came An Evening With Harry, Carrie and Garp at Radio City. I met up with [ profile] sternel for dinner at Heartland Brewery beforehand where my drug-required sobriety made the "brewery" part moot. The root beer *was* kick ass, as she'd had promised beforehand, and during dinner she let me bug her for fandom wankery information (it still boggles my mind). Walking into the venue we ran into [ profile] laughingirl, and all was good. You can check out her entry for more details about the event because her recall is much better than my own and I'm lazy. Bits and pieces that I thought noteworthy: Read more... )

Thursday I had med-surg clinical. I'm not fond of the instructor and I more or less *had* to be on the floor, so I wasn't looking forward to it. It didn't turn out too badly overall although I had my frazzled moments. I cannot wait for the last week. When I came in I stayed up more or less all night trying futilely to do a simple posting for one of my classes. My inability to concentrate on my schoolwork is becoming very troublesome. Well, less troublesome as I get closer to the end, but still! I have to be able to complete the work *to* graduate, don't I?

Friday was a trip to school to work on a project with a classmate, then later in the evening a trip to the movies to see "Pirates". FINALLY. We were expecting the theatre to be empty as it had come out four weeks ago but nope. Jam packed. We were lucky to find seats together. I liked it, although I did find it a little long. The wheel sequence was great. I can't wait until the next one comes out.

Today (Saturday) I went out and did my CPR re-certification (I can save lives for two more years, people!) and then came home to devour some Kirith Kirin. Oh yes, and this must be posted for posterity - my dad actually initiated a visit to church, on a SATURDAY no less. It's one of The Signs, I'm frakkin' sure of it.

Now I'm wrapping this up because my eyes are going from slightly burnt out and tired to painful. Guess that means I need to put the book aside. Damn it.

ETA - Whose Voodoo is up, if you haven't voted already. Because winners vote, and losers vote too but y'all aren't losers.


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