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Yesterday I went to replace my phone (sigh) and saw True Grit. Once I logged into my gmail account all my contacts reappeared, and it turned out that Kindle archived all the books I purchased previously. Score for me! True Grit was a good movie, a nice way to pass two hours.

The drama lately in the house has been littlest bro's dismissal from college due to academic reasons. It's tough for him: my parents have always been lax when it comes to guiding him, and he doesn't strike me as having much drive or motivation when it comes to school. Of course, my parents would never consider that my brother may not be ready for college. Even though they themselves never completed it when they were his age (my father got his associate's degree six or so years ago). So it's been tense, to say the least. I feel bad for him for a number of reasons, but aren't really sure how to help him aside from trying to be a non-judgmental voice and guide. Don't know if I'm always successful, but I'm trying.

Great-grandma is in the hospital, working on her third week. She's 95 years old, but the reason for her hospitalizations are always related to her chronic constipation (when you see old folks on TV shows commenting on how glad they are that they've had a bowel movement, that's true-to-life and there's a valid reason for it). This episode is turning out to be worse than any I've known, and it's come to the point where nursing home placement is being bandied around by social workers in the hospital. I'm not a fan of nursing homes or prolonged hospital stays, knowing what I know, but I'm not sure what we can do with Granny at this point. She was able to walk when needed prior to her hospitalization, but once you're admitted and you're older and it takes more than thirty seconds for you to make it to a restroom hospital staff slaps a "Fall Risk" bracelet on you, make you stay in the bed, put you in diapers, and you become debilitated. Fact of life. Frustrating as fuck.

More snow tomorrow. Yay.


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