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I got around to wrapping up Starman this evening. I realized the only reason I didn't tear into the GNs immediately after I bought them was because I didn't want my ride with Jack and Co. to end. As a reader you know that characters, like people in real life, never really *leave* - even if they die you hold onto their memories. There's a time where you mourn their departure and things aren't ever the same though, and I foolishly get that way when a series I'm reading and thoroughly enjoying is nearing the end. I sucked it up and turned until I'd reached the last page. I teared up during certain scenes, and when I finally closed the back cover and put the last book down there was a palpable emptiness within me, so much so that I had to take a couple of minutes alone. The ending wasn't a downer per se, but I was left wondering "What happens next with Mik & Tony and Jack & Sadie and The Shade and the O'Dare Clan, and what's with the Stargirl chick? (although she was given time on an episode of Justice League Unlimited, I would have LOVED to see Jack up in that piece wise-cracking and generally being bad ass)" I'm such a softie. I know authors love to close chapters and leave 'em for a while, but I find myself hoping James Robinson revisits Opal City and brings Jack back for a little while.

Then again, I'm still waiting for Williams to lend some closure to the Otherland series, so...

Heh. I just did a search on Mr. Robinson to ascertain whether he was working on more Starman, and I found that he wrote the screenplay that absolutely butchered Alan Moore's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I mean, the movie wasn't hideous - the cinematography was lovely, the acting wasn't cringeworthy, and the script itself was okay - but (cue nerdy nitpicking) the deviations from the comics were slightly disappointing. Making Quatermain the leader of the League instead of Mina was my biggest bitch point (although that can be blamed on Sean Connery's demands more than the writer's prerogative), but then there was making Mina a vampire(!) when the woman had no powers but the strength of her will, and the unforgivable sin of sticking a Tom Sawyer in there who could not act in order to give a father/adopted son dynamic the movie didn't need. I did like Townsend's Dorian Gray though, and not just because Stuart brings teh pretty.

*sigh* I need to flip through those GNs one more time before I hit the hay. Yes, I'm so pathetic - I admit it and yell it from the rooftops.

-Re. Icon : I will stop using the omnipresent "i[blank]" icons when I stop finding new ones that make me laugh. The double entendre contained within this one AND the fact that it has Jack in it has me smiling.
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Bitches. That just has to be said.

Twas another lazy day for me. Boy, is there a pattern or what? I keep wishing I'd get more hours from Galyna and at the same time I'm lapping this up because I know once school starts things will be gonzo.

Some total ass made it their mission to spoil Potter for me. Well, not only me. Apparently there are a rash of internet people who've decided they must fuck everyone else over. If you're tired of the hype, fine, bitch away on your damn journal and mock the masses. Must you ruin the reading experience as well? God. Bitches and more bitches. And the spoilage that I came across was on a MOVIE bulletin board. I was broadsided by it.

I hate bitter people (nope, no irony to be found in that statement, because it's been well-established that I'm none too fond of myself). Crawl in your damned hole and whine already.

What else? Decided to go find the novelization of Latter Days. I thought it'd turn into some sort of scavenger hunt but it was in the first Barnes and Noble I visited. I haven't started it yet, though. I actually have a queue of sorts. The first three GNs of Lucifer finally made their way to my hot little hands. Then I went to the library yesterday and picked up, among other things, a Constantine GN written by Mike Carey as well (I swear when I picked it up I didn't know he'd penned it; total coincidence). I also picked up another Starman GN. Man, it's growing on me so much. I knew it'd won my heart when I read the word "Starbucksization" and didn't roll my eyes over the hokeyness of it. I finished the Starman while on my way back home and it took all that was within me not to run to an uptown train and stop by Midtown for the next set. Patience is a virtue I rarely possess. I'm such an impulse buyer. Maybe I'll pick it up a couple after I get my next check.

NIN is playing in NYC again. I found out about it a couple of weeks ago but didn't think much of it. I mean, I want to see Trent play, but...Tickets for the concert (in November) go on sale tomorrow at 10. If it's anything like the last time all the tickets will be sold the eff out like NOW. The NIN "fan club" sent out a mailing saying you could purchase tickets in advance if you gave them 30 bucks or some crap, to which I said "Delete". Trent ain't treatin' me nice, no he ain't. And KROCK can suck it. Bitches.


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