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I am damn near happy this morning. I seem to be able to write coherently again for the first time in eons, I was just informed my morning job is cancelled for tomorrow so I get to sleep in, I'm getting scholarship from Pace for $3800 per semester so I can afford to pay off my Amex and Radioshack bills AND possibly get an up-to-date PC (I've been putting one together in my head during lulls on the job), and my stomach hasn't bothered me for the morning (no jinx, please). W00t!!

The weirdest thing happened last night. It's late and I'm up for no good reason. I re-opened my Netflix account (one month only, until school kicks in) and so I came home after the whole Pace running around/interview thing (detailed in the below post) to find the first two disks of "Sex and the City" Season 4 and Daft Punk's "Interstella 555" waiting. Oh yeah. Started watching Interstella at 12:30 while cleaning up the kitchen. Great animation and, of course, I love the music (it was animation done by this famous Japanese guy whom I'm pretty sure I should know but, nope, to the entire album Daft Punk album "Discovery"). I knew I was sleepy because I teared up a little. And I was talking to the television screen ("No! Don't get shot!"). That wrapped up around 2 and I decided to watch the first episode of SatC.

Okay, so I'm on my couch watching the hijinks (*gasp* "Not a MONK!!") when I spy some lights moving down my driveway. At first I think nothing of it, but then I see them again. I'm thinking "There's a car pulling into the driveway?" I look out the back window and I see nothing. Then I hear the voices in the front and sirens. I head to the porch and there are like four cop cars and an ambulance out there, RIGHT in front of my house. At this point I'm thinking "something went down next door" until I see the cops walk up to *our* door, ring the doorbell and start pulling on the screen door like they want to be let in now. Surreal. Hoping it wasn't a drug bust gone horribly wrong (the NYPD has a habit of busting into random people's houses like that) I had to go back and take off the alarm (which I'd JUST put on when I saw the lights in the driveway, thinking things were suspicious) and then I opened the door and fielded the cop's questions. Turns out they were looking for an address that didn't exist on my block, one that lay between my neighbor's and my own. Huh. They apologized for disturbing me and then headed on their merry little way. I closed the door, put the alarm back on, sat there looking back in wonder at Krishna, and then went back to watching Samantha make canned good donation look sexual.

I need to go home and take a nap.


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