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Mar. 1st, 2009 10:59 am
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I wanted to answer this one but wasn't up to it on Friday. Fredericks comes from Sam Fredericks, a character from Tad Williams's Otherland series, a sci-fi/fantasy story about virtuality and cyberlife that hit shelves in the 90's. I took to Fredericks because she was a black girl whose struggles with identity appeared to mirror my own, and I was a total nerd. And "Cymoril" was already in use as an active LJ username (you couldn't be considered a real nerd unless you'd read Moorcock's works, even though Cymoril annoyed the hell out of me); "Fredericks" was my second choice.

Yesterday morning I sat through an orientation meeting for Time Bank study coaches organized by a group on the job. The concept of Time Banks is fascinating, and breaks down to "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" in a skill/barter sense. I wouldn't have minded tutoring/coaching youngsters but the organizers required participants to join the Time Bank proper, and as the HQ for the Banks are located on the LES, Bronx, and Brooklyn actually trekking out to the locations on my days off would be too much for me. I'll look for some volunteering ops in my immediate area, if anything.

In the afternoon I met up with the scarily tall [livejournal.com profile] desolate03 (moment of hilarity: stopping at a traffic light on the lowest part of the curb and straining neck muscles while attempting to look up at her during our conversation) and walked around Midtown, stopped at Dylan's Candy Bar on 3rd Ave and loaded up on simple carbs, then headed down to the Cooper Union area to meet [livejournal.com profile] captainschlumpy and grab some Japanese grub for dinner. Both ladies are great conversationalists and we have lots of common interests (I'm pretty sure we mortified the young man at the table behind us with our slash talk, but whateverthefuck! *grin*), so one of the nice thing about our meet-ups is that I can sit back, listen, and enjoy myself without feeling pressured to talk (not so good with the talking sometimes, but I can add a nice quip here or there).

Today I look forward to SNOWSTORM! YAY! The weather folk say 4-8" and if the pattern holds we're only going to get 2-3" max, but at least it's something. Excuse me whilst I ignore my overdue work for a little bit longer (pushes tablet further underneath bed).


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