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Yay! to the Erasure concert on LOGO. Ba-da-ba-bab-baaa! I'm lovin' it. Andy Bell can sing his ass off, no doubt about it.

Something else I'm loving lately: ... uhm... ?

I have been taking in a lot of NewsRadio. I've finally made my way through the entire set and the bulk of the commentary. It's official - my Stephen Root love has officially surpassed my Dave Foley love. Root's just aged better, whereas Foley's exposure on Celebrity Poker Showdown has soured me slightly.
More things here. A little long, but semi-interesting. )

I've had my eyes on this MP3 bad boy for a little while now. I figure it'll be a pre-school splurge, if my interning check ever arrives. Does anyone who's happened upon this entry have any words for or against it?

My brothers want to go see Fantastic Four on Friday. Gag. I'll go if a)we see it matinee and b)I don't have to pay. Jessica Alba makes me cry on the inside. So does that horrendous Thing costume.

I'd really like some Venture Bros. merchandise. Because I am a capitalist society's bitch. And that show makes me laugh and laugh.
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I got suckered into going to the mall yesterday. I hate going to malls with company. Too many traumatic and troubling memories of "shopping excursions" gone horribly awry. I completed the task I'd been assigned within ten minutes of our arrival. Of course, since I was with other females I got wrangled into walking up and down muzak-soundtracked halls, looking and items I didn't want and couldn't afford even if I needed them.

Granma, Auntie, and me (I?/me?who cares?). We were talking and walking in one of the stores, Granma and I, and she asked me about nursing school (earlier I had mentioned needing a stethoscope and uniform before classes started), specifically if I had enough money. After quickly running through all the ways I could briefly say "I have no idea where I'm getting the remaining $15G I need for class" that wouldn't lead to a long drawn out discussion in the Beachwear section, I said "Yes, oh yes, I have money". She looked at me sideways and said quietly "You know, you have a way of not telling the whole truth".


I like how she said that, though. Not "you have a way of lying", but "you have a way of not telling the whole truth". I suppose that's correct. I'm not sure that's something I want to work on, though. Often times people don't want to hear the truth. They want to hear *something*, but not all things. Or when you tell them the truth they ignore it for their own peace of mind.


I'm still on my Erasure fix. I'm going to have to burn this CD instead of borrowing it from the library over and over again.


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