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Nov. 2nd, 2008 08:06 pm
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Obviously I'm never getting around to finishing my write-up about the rest of my goings-ons at Dragon-Con 2008 previously seen here and here (it's already NOVEMBER! Jesus!). But, if I was this is what I'd talk about: Only two months late! New record! )

I did the nun thing for Halloween. I finished seeing my patients very early, so I was able to run back home to change and drop off my work stuff before heading out. I met [ profile] raptorgirl (she made a nifty Lydia from Beetlejuice) and a friend of hers along the parade route, and we chatted for a bit as we waited for the parade to begin. We also ended up speaking with a woman next to us who'd said she was saving a spot for her boyfriend. That boyfriend was a complete douche who showed up about an hour and a half after we did, by which time a good number of people were already standing and waiting. He barreled his way through *everyone* without even an "excuse me", pushing a number of us out of the way, and refused to apologize because his girlfriend was "supposed to have been holding a spot down [for him]". Suffice to say his douchery didn't stop there: he spent most of the parade yelling stupidity at various parade-goers and belittling the opinions of the people around him. Then there was the photographer on my left who decided to keep his camera bag slung across his shoulder during the entire event, digging into my side for two hours of joy. Folks were pushing into us, it was just annoying. Lots of douchery. But there were nice costumes.

I completely forgot to take a full-length photo of myself in my nun digs. Oh well. I wore my habit and robes, along with a short lavender wig, glittery eyeshadow, and lavender lipstick. The overall effect was actually quite subtle since the wig was more or less hidden by the habit and the lipstick was quite light, and I got more than a few folks who came up to me on the ride home to ask me dead serious-like if I was an *actual* nun. HI-larious.

Pics from the Village Parade. )There were a number of amazingly original costumes, including one lady dressed up as Janet Leigh from the Psycho shower scene, shower, tub, and all (!), but my view was hampered and my photography skills proved not up to the task. Next year I figure I'll not deal with the hassle of human bodies and douchery and just end up walking the route.


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