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I think it's been a stressful week for me. The reason I'm not certain about that at the moment is because I just spent the last three hours reading a book while lying in bed without sweating off ten pounds of water weight and currently some soothing Elton John (ha) is playing on the stereo. If my eyes didn't feel slightly dry and burnt out I'd think all is right with the world.

A mini-recap of my week:

Monday I had my Med-Surg/Leadership final. Not pleasant. I had a five hour gap until the subsequent class so I decided to head up to Union Square to catch a movie, the Greg Kinnear and Steve Carrell flick "Little Miss Sunshine". Thoughts )

Tuesday is a complete blur. I think I'd have to look through my school notes to see what I was up to, but I'm actually drawing a blank. Odd.

Wednesday morning/afternoon I had community rotation which, as always, was cool beans. Later that evening came An Evening With Harry, Carrie and Garp at Radio City. I met up with [ profile] sternel for dinner at Heartland Brewery beforehand where my drug-required sobriety made the "brewery" part moot. The root beer *was* kick ass, as she'd had promised beforehand, and during dinner she let me bug her for fandom wankery information (it still boggles my mind). Walking into the venue we ran into [ profile] laughingirl, and all was good. You can check out her entry for more details about the event because her recall is much better than my own and I'm lazy. Bits and pieces that I thought noteworthy: Read more... )

Thursday I had med-surg clinical. I'm not fond of the instructor and I more or less *had* to be on the floor, so I wasn't looking forward to it. It didn't turn out too badly overall although I had my frazzled moments. I cannot wait for the last week. When I came in I stayed up more or less all night trying futilely to do a simple posting for one of my classes. My inability to concentrate on my schoolwork is becoming very troublesome. Well, less troublesome as I get closer to the end, but still! I have to be able to complete the work *to* graduate, don't I?

Friday was a trip to school to work on a project with a classmate, then later in the evening a trip to the movies to see "Pirates". FINALLY. We were expecting the theatre to be empty as it had come out four weeks ago but nope. Jam packed. We were lucky to find seats together. I liked it, although I did find it a little long. The wheel sequence was great. I can't wait until the next one comes out.

Today (Saturday) I went out and did my CPR re-certification (I can save lives for two more years, people!) and then came home to devour some Kirith Kirin. Oh yes, and this must be posted for posterity - my dad actually initiated a visit to church, on a SATURDAY no less. It's one of The Signs, I'm frakkin' sure of it.

Now I'm wrapping this up because my eyes are going from slightly burnt out and tired to painful. Guess that means I need to put the book aside. Damn it.

ETA - Whose Voodoo is up, if you haven't voted already. Because winners vote, and losers vote too but y'all aren't losers.
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I've found a new church. A little bit of religious gushing within. )

I got around to finishing the new HP yesterday. My cousin had a (non-misprinted) copy and I read the last 50 pages or so from her book. Twas a bit of a let-down, particularly after all that heightened expectation I had. I do have another copy of the book coming in from Amazon tomorrow for no additional charge, and I'm supposed to mail the messed up copy I have back to them within 30 days - however my aunt thinks the misprint will be worth money down the line and wants to hang onto it. Somehow I doubt it, but as long as she reimburses me for the cost of the book (that Amazon will charge me unless I mail it back within the time frame) I don't care.

*sigh* No, I don't need sex. I need something else. Maybe school, to take my mind off of things. The graphic novels, comics, and books are all well and good, although I do need more Starman STAT (Jack and Mikaal are, at this moment, blasting off to space...Linda and Wally, sitting in a tree...Kitty and Colossus: question mark question mark), but they're no substitute.

And, I know - go find it. Thanks.

I really need a cut. My hair? Atrocious.
That is all.
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I finally got around to picking up my copy of Half-Blood Prince a couple of days ago (because a girl can only read GNs for so many days in a row before going off the deep end). I'm reading and I'm reading and...I'm rolling my eyes at Rowling's usual heavy verbal exposition but I'm reading and liking...Fine. I'm near the end and the anticipation is building. I can feel it "oh shit" I say to myself, fumbling with my iced coffee, reluctant to take my eyes away from the book. I'm on page 595 and...holey shit! No WAY! I turn the page and there's a big patch of blank below one full paragraph but no chapter opening paragraph on the other page and I think nothing of it. I continue reading, and the last sentence is "For a split second, he seemed to hang suspended beneath the shining skull, and then he fell slowly backward, like a great rag doll, over the battlements and out of sight." So me? I'm going apeshit - inside, of course, because I'm in a public place. I look down at the bottom of the next page's page 569. 5-fuckin'-69. That's right, my book was MISPRINTED. Right at the climax, right at the part that had me foaming at the mouth... Thirty pages GONE.

Scholastic must die. Don't they bother to do quality control checks of their products? I mean, homicidal rampages are born of stuff like this!


Hopefully Amazon sends me the replacement soon. It's a damned good thing I went by Midtown and picked up another Starman GN. Otherwise I think I might be reduced to melodramatic sobbing right now.
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Bitches. That just has to be said.

Twas another lazy day for me. Boy, is there a pattern or what? I keep wishing I'd get more hours from Galyna and at the same time I'm lapping this up because I know once school starts things will be gonzo.

Some total ass made it their mission to spoil Potter for me. Well, not only me. Apparently there are a rash of internet people who've decided they must fuck everyone else over. If you're tired of the hype, fine, bitch away on your damn journal and mock the masses. Must you ruin the reading experience as well? God. Bitches and more bitches. And the spoilage that I came across was on a MOVIE bulletin board. I was broadsided by it.

I hate bitter people (nope, no irony to be found in that statement, because it's been well-established that I'm none too fond of myself). Crawl in your damned hole and whine already.

What else? Decided to go find the novelization of Latter Days. I thought it'd turn into some sort of scavenger hunt but it was in the first Barnes and Noble I visited. I haven't started it yet, though. I actually have a queue of sorts. The first three GNs of Lucifer finally made their way to my hot little hands. Then I went to the library yesterday and picked up, among other things, a Constantine GN written by Mike Carey as well (I swear when I picked it up I didn't know he'd penned it; total coincidence). I also picked up another Starman GN. Man, it's growing on me so much. I knew it'd won my heart when I read the word "Starbucksization" and didn't roll my eyes over the hokeyness of it. I finished the Starman while on my way back home and it took all that was within me not to run to an uptown train and stop by Midtown for the next set. Patience is a virtue I rarely possess. I'm such an impulse buyer. Maybe I'll pick it up a couple after I get my next check.

NIN is playing in NYC again. I found out about it a couple of weeks ago but didn't think much of it. I mean, I want to see Trent play, but...Tickets for the concert (in November) go on sale tomorrow at 10. If it's anything like the last time all the tickets will be sold the eff out like NOW. The NIN "fan club" sent out a mailing saying you could purchase tickets in advance if you gave them 30 bucks or some crap, to which I said "Delete". Trent ain't treatin' me nice, no he ain't. And KROCK can suck it. Bitches.


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