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I finally got around to picking up my copy of Half-Blood Prince a couple of days ago (because a girl can only read GNs for so many days in a row before going off the deep end). I'm reading and I'm reading and...I'm rolling my eyes at Rowling's usual heavy verbal exposition but I'm reading and liking...Fine. I'm near the end and the anticipation is building. I can feel it "oh shit" I say to myself, fumbling with my iced coffee, reluctant to take my eyes away from the book. I'm on page 595 and...holey shit! No WAY! I turn the page and there's a big patch of blank below one full paragraph but no chapter opening paragraph on the other page and I think nothing of it. I continue reading, and the last sentence is "For a split second, he seemed to hang suspended beneath the shining skull, and then he fell slowly backward, like a great rag doll, over the battlements and out of sight." So me? I'm going apeshit - inside, of course, because I'm in a public place. I look down at the bottom of the next page's page 569. 5-fuckin'-69. That's right, my book was MISPRINTED. Right at the climax, right at the part that had me foaming at the mouth... Thirty pages GONE.

Scholastic must die. Don't they bother to do quality control checks of their products? I mean, homicidal rampages are born of stuff like this!


Hopefully Amazon sends me the replacement soon. It's a damned good thing I went by Midtown and picked up another Starman GN. Otherwise I think I might be reduced to melodramatic sobbing right now.


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