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It's a lucky thing I decided to talk to my classmate before getting down to business because I found out the exam I thought was on Thursday is actually tomorrow (surprise!) I'm sort of cramming, but at this point I have the utmost confidence in myself.

I needs to be eating those words. I got straight up Oz'd by my exam. We took it on PCs and got our unweighed scores when we completed the questions. 68. Sixty-fraking-eight. I knew I was doing shitty while taking the exam but generally when I think I'm flunking I can at least pull out a B. Nope. A number of other people did much worse than they're used to on this test (class average was 75, at least 8 points below the usual) so I'm hoping we get some points added or the entire test thrown out *fingers crossed*.

I felt so damn tired after all was said and done. Words can't describe, really. I actually resorted to telling a classmate about the scholarship Pace gave me in order to get gather some shred of entitlement (you know, make 'em feel guilty/jealous and then feel better about yourself for a nanosecond). I felt even shittier after sharing that tidbit, though. I just wanted to punch something, take out some frustration on something. Instead I went to the library and picked up the first four books in The Deathgate Cycle to re-read and forget about my troubles for a little while (oh Haplo! oh Alfred! how I've missed you two).

The bestest thing for my mood, though? I SAW MEOW MIX AGAIN! Hee! I was heading over to my neighbor's to interview her (another damn project; don't ask) and I saw this cat walking towards our garage. I suspected it was my Meow so I called out "Hey, Meow Mix" and she trotted right over! Absolua-freakin-dorable. I started petting her and she was doing the rub thing on my legs and being ten kinds of cute. I opened the house door and called out to my mom to show her Meow (Meow tried to run inside, heh) and mom was less than thrilled. I was all "Hey! This is Meow Mix!" and mom was all "Oh, that's nice" ::slowly starts closing door::. Mom told me to take Meow Mix away from the door so I walked down the steps and said "Here, Meow Mix" and Meow Mix ran right over to me. I mean, hells, Krishna wasn't that obedient and I fed her regularly. If Meow keeps being sweet on me I'm going to have to find a way to sneak her into the house, I swear by all I hold holy.

In closing - If you're the praying type, please pray for my sanity. I really do feel it slipping with all this damned work I have to do.


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