Aug. 25th, 2013

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I've been spending a little mental energy (as little as possible, because the endeavor ends up depressing) thinking about The Future Me. I find it tough because I'm not adventurous, I'm not a big fan of change, and so The Future Me ends up looking like The Current Me. And while I have no complaints, I'm more complacent than happy. I was asked once to define what would make me happy, and I drew a massive blank. What was unspoken seemed to be that where I am in my present life isn't making me happy. I guess. But, again, I'm not going to whine about it (pointing out facts and statements isn't whining, is it?), since I'm still friggin' lucky.

Part of thinking about my future state is wondering where I'll end up living. In my dream world I'd live in either the West Village or Chelsea, because those are my two favorite places in which to wander. I've also been eyeballing Downtown Brooklyn. What those places have in common? Rents and housing costs out of this world. For shits and giggles I've been checking out the websites for apartment building I pass during my day. Checked out this one in Chelsea on Friday: 101 West 15th Street. Studios and one bedrooms starting from $3425. A steal! I just about busted a gut in the middle of the street. My brother used to live in Grand Island, a stone throw away from the Canadian border in upstate NY. He paid $725 a month in rent for a roomy one bedroom, and would laugh at me when I told him I paid more than that for my half of rent in my previous two bedroom apartment. I suppose buying and doing a mortgage would be the way to go, but I'm quite concerned about the stability of my job at the moment. Whatever I do I'm going to have to get a move on, as I don't want to be making mortgage payments on a house after I've retired (look at me, assuming I'm going to live past 70).

No matter what happens, I'm giving myself until I turn 40 to get my shit together. I'm procrastinating on being a true adult, I can't help it.


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