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I had the delightful experience of interacting with a coworker whom I'd previously believed to be quite mild-mannered and cheerful 24/7 as he cursed folks out. All while remaining charming! I'm laughing to myself as I think back on it. We went from debriefing a meeting we'd held earlier in the day to him just laying into his current boss(es) and his horrible work situation with a smile on his face: "respectfully, [she] needs to suck my- Who does she think she is?" And all I could think to myself was "I wish I could carry you around on my person ALL THE TIME, you are made of sprinkles and *amazingness*." My job situation remains tenuous and stressful (I'm with the heartburn right now), but my coworkers get me through.

I haven't been up to much lately. I'm trying to find more physical activities to get involved (aside from derby; don't want to start that up again until I see how much time and money this school semester will run me), but it's a challenge to hunt down something that won't leave me too self-conscious. I'd wanted to do archery for a while, but with the upsurge of interest because of Hunger Games I'm thinking the ranges around here might be too busy. Also eyeballing aikido again (there's a dojo about four blocks away), but I think I'd need to lose 20+ pounds to feel mobile enough to attempt the rolls without throwing shit out of wack.

This past weekend I went to Brooklyn Academy of Music to see The Cornetto Trilogy (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and the new film World's End), along with a Q&A with Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost. It was quite a long day (got to BAM for 2pm, ended up getting let out at 11:30pm and the theater didn't have any real food options besides popcorn), but Edgar Wright was there with us all day, sitting for questions in between movies. Watching them in a row helped me pick up themes and actors that were in all three movies. And it solidified my love for Hot Fuzz ("you ain't seen Bad Boys 2??").

I'm very much excited for the conference I'm due to attend in October in Louisville, Ky. Not terribly stoked about the city itself, but just for the ability to get a mini-vacation out of the office (not a vacation, as I'll be attending presentations and stuff, but still!).
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