Nov. 25th, 2012

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I had the family over yesterday for a little gathering. I didn't call it a Housewarming, because this is an apartment I'm renting with my roomie and I didn't want any gifts (too much stuff as is). This gathering required a lot of prep. Which I didn't really start doing until Friday afternoon. I begged my boss to leave an hour early (yes, I worked on Black Friday**), telling her I was freaking out about my impending party. Twas only partially true; I was also bored out of my mind while in the office. She let me leave, and I headed down to Bed Bath and Beyond to get some materials (cutting board, grater, mixing bowls). It was surprisingly not crazy in there, but then I suppose most folks don't say "oh man, I need to get that great knife set on Black Friday."

After that I went to Whole Foods to pick up some foodstuff. I made a stop by the liquor store immediately outside of my subway stop for cooking wine, two large unwieldy bags in hand. After that I headed back to my apartment to drop off all that stuff, finalized my shopping list, then grabbed the shopping cart and headed to the local grocery where I picked up the remainder of the foodstuff, and then the 99 Cent Store on the way back to get some crappy serving spoons, table cloths, and serving tray lids. I started food prep and cleaning up on my return, and ended up forcing myself to bed around 1AM. I slept until 7:30, then got up to start prepping/cleaning again while waiting for a Fresh Direct delivery of some add'l prepared foodstuff and dining ware.

By the time the designated party time rolled around (4pm) I had more or less completed most of the cooking, had the dining table and heated food area set up. I ended up making a lot more food than was needed, but most people took food home so there was not much left for me to deal. The apartment was packed (I only invited family because of the space limitation), and while I'd been worried about people being bored out of their gourds, there was football on so some people stayed in the living room watching football while others chatted around the appetizers in the dining area. It was all good. Of course, my leg decided to act up Friday night into Saturday, so by the time things started wrapping (around 10:30pm) I was limping around like Quasimodo. Luckily my mom and aunt helped me with clean up before they left, so I just had to deal with the remainder of the dishes and mopping the kitchen once the last person walked out (at midnight). I downed some Tylenol and did a leg massage plus a warm shower.

Today I ended up sleeping in until around 12pm. My leg felt amazing for it, about which I was extremely happy. I think things went well yesterday, and although all the friggin work involved with having everyone over (25 people!) was way way cray-cray, I now know how much food and other materials would be needed. I did way too much cooking, yo. Even when you enjoy it, when you're on your feet doing it for a while it gets quite annoying.

Back to work tomorrow. Joy. This week will be broken up with a Powerpoint class on Wed and Thurs , but I have a meeting with a rehab team on Tuesday to which I'm not looking forward. Oh well.

**Or "WGA Day" for those of us in the know.


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